Lighthouse of the universe….


            It was 28th day of 11th month of 68th year of the 20th century, when Joyce Bell Brunelli and Antony Hewish observed pulses saperated by 1.33 seconds from a location in the sky. 

             At the first time they said that “we can’t believe that we have picked up signals from other civilization”

              They nicknamed the signal as LGM-1 , because it was strongly suggested that these emissions are from little green man.


              Pulsar consists of the word pulse  and stars. 

       Pulsars are highly magnetic nuetron stars which rotate with very high angular velocity and emit electromagnetic radiations.

        The radio emissions are emitted in the form continuous pulse and they are beamed (can only be observed when it crosses the line of sight of the observer.) , Thats why they resemble a Lighthouse.

Formation and death

When a core of massive star is compressed during a supernova it collapse into a nuetron star. Since nuetron star retains its angular momentum, therefore,

                    I¹ω¹ = I²ω²

A nuetron star has very small radius therefore after the compression its momemt of inertia decreases very much, which increases its angular velocity. Thats why Pulsars rotate with high angular velocities.

And beacause of this rotation magnetic field generates due to dynamo effect. The magnetic axis rotates along with the pulsar and due to this movement of magnetic field electric field generates which exerts a force on the charged particles on the surface. Therefore, the charge particles accelerate and as we know thar acceleration of charge particles produces electromagnetic waves, therefore electromagnetic waves produce along the magnetic axis of the Pulsars as a beam.

Also due to generation of electromagnetic power the speed of rotation reduces and Pulsar slows down ( which is called its death point)


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