Cassini – The impressive 13 years

Launched in 1997, After spending 20 years in space, After orbiting the Saturn for 13 years, Cassini finally dived into Saturn’s atmosphere. But the discoveries made by it are really impressive..

Here are some pictures taken by Cassini.

An infrared view of Hexagonal jet stream

The first image of the moon Titan(Largest moon of Saturn) taken by Huygen.

Image of lake Ligeia re, a lake of liquid Methane on Titan.

Titan’s atmosphere

Images of Saturn’s ring

Moons of Saturn

Moon Titan and Rhea

Moon “Enceladus”

All the moons of Saturn are not round, this is moon “Hyperion”

Shadow of rings

Final images

The last image

Cassini really did a nice job…

Actually that’s why we love astronomy it leads us from this world to another and compels our soul to look outside our world…


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