Mangalyan:India’s pride


Mangalyan is a space probe which was launched on 5 November 2013 by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). ISRO has become the fourth space agency to reach Mars, after the Soviet space program, NASA, and the European Space Agency. It is the first Asian nation to reach Mars orbit, and the first nation in the world to do so in its first attempt.

A mission which made India the first Asian country to reach Mars, and the first nation in the world to do so in its first attempt, a mission which made ISRO the fourth space agency in the world to reach Mars after SSP(Russia), NASA(USA) and ESA(Europe).

The space probe Mangalyan orbiting Mars since 24 September 2014, and have completed 3 years in space this year.

The amazing fact is that the cost of mission was only ₹454 crores or US$71 million, which made it the cheapest Mars mission ever,( ₹5/km -cheaper than public transport in India).

One more amazing fact is that Mangalyan was estimated to last for 6 months has now completed more than 3 years, and is expected to circle the planet for another five years as it has still got about 15kg of fuel left.

The Mars Orbiter Mission team won US-based National Space Society’s 2015 Space Pioneer Award in the science and engineering category. NSS said the award was given as the Indian agency successfully executed a Mars mission in its first attempt.

This is the first image taken by Mangalyan of the Mars’s surface.

The probe took amazing images of Mars, some are here…

It is orbiting in an elliptical orbit around Mars, with a period of 72 hours 51 minutes 51 seconds.

An illustration of the Mars Orbiter Mission spacecraft is featured on the reverse of the ₹2,000 currency note of India.

Mangalyaan has been named among the best inventions of 2014 by Time magazine which described it as a technological feat that will allow India to flex its ‘interplanetary muscles’

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