Some amazing Stars in the Universe.

Whenever we gaze at the night sky, we see billions of tiny dots embedded in the sky. They look so pretty from this much distance but have you ever wondered that how weird are they? It’s going to be very interesting to know , what are they going through or have already gone through. Here is the list of five interesting stars, which will really going to amaze you…!!!

An egg shaped star:- Vega

We all know that Stars are spherical in shape, but Vega denies. Vega is the 5th brightest star in the night sky but besides this there is a very interesting thing with Vega. It is not spherical like other stars it’s egg shaped star, is not it amazing??
rotating rapidly with a velocity of 274 km/s at the equator. This causes the equator to bulge outward due to centrifugal forces.

It is found that it is spinning with 90% of maximum possible speed. It if were spinning just 10% faster, it can rip it apart!!

Dying but shining:- La superba

La superba is an another astonishing star in the constellation of Canes Venatici. We know that when a star dies, it’s temperature decreases and slowly and at a certain point, it becomes virtually invisible specially with naked eyes.

But La Superba doesn’t know this , it’s temperature is about 2700K which makes it a cold dying star. But it’s luminosity is 4500 times greater than the Sun and it gives it a dark red appearance and it can be seen by naked eyes.

Older than Universe:- HD 140283

This star lies 200 light years away in Libra constellation.

This star is as old as or older than the universe!!!

Sounds impossible..??

But believe, according to calculations, it is estimated that this star is 14.46 ± 0.8 billions years old, whereas the universe is 13.79 ± 0.021 billions years. Due to uncertainty in measurements at it’s maximum possible age(14.54 billion years) it is older than the universe (13 .81 billion years) and at it’s minimum possible age(13.66 billion years) it is younger than universe. We don’t have methods to calculate the age of a star more accurate than this that’s why we can’t conclude.

Although it’s age is uncertain but one this is certain that it is the oldest known star in the universe.

A star inside a star:- HV 2212

Can a star be put inside an another star…???

If you answer is “NO!”, HV 2212 will make you feel bad..!!

It looks like a red giant from outside but when light emitted from it was studied it was found rich in elements like Molybdenum, lithium, Strontium, Yttrium and Rubidium. A normal super giant also contain these elements but not in such high amount.

img src:-

The only conclusion they were able to make was that it’s core is of a neutron star and from outside it is a red giant. Such objects are called Throne-Zytkow object. Such objects are formed when a star goes into supernova and leads to the formation of a neutron star, a passing by red supergiant star collides with the neutron star and absorbs it forming a hybrid star.

It plays hide n seek:-PSR J1841-0500

This Pulsar is nearly 22.8 light years from the sun and lies in Centaurus Spiral arm of our galaxy.
It was discovered in December 2008 as a regular pulsar Star. The scientists were studying it and after one year it suddenly disappear. They made a conclusion that the star is turned off.

Img src :-

And just after 580 days it again appeared. Generally Pulsars disappear for a few minutes to hours and the reason is still a mystery!! And this 580 days is the longest break taken by a Pulsar.

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