Most distant object discovered in our Solar System till date

A team of Astronomers has found a Pink Dwarf Planet which is most distant object discovered yet in our solar system. The object is named 2018 VG18 and nicknamed as “Farout”.

Before the discovery of Farout, Eris was most distant object which was 96AU away. The newly discovered Farout is about 120AU away.

AU :- Astronomical Units

1AU = Distance from the Earth to the Sun

Artistic visualization of “Farout”.

Discovered by Japanese Sarabu telescope it is first object to be discovered beyond 100AU in our solar system. Farout is about one-third of the Pluto in size. It was found that it has a pinkish hue and is believed to be covered with ice.

The discovery was made by Scott S Sheppard of the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington DC, David Tholen of the University of Hawaii and Chad Trujillo of Northern Arizona University. The team also discovered the minor planet Goblin this year.

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