Saturn losing it’s identity

Whenever we talk about the Saturn the first thing comes in our mind is it’s Rings. But here it seems that very soon the Saturn will loose it’s iconic rings.


Picture of the Saturn with its rings

As per the latest research of NASA it is confirmed that the Saturn is losing it’s rings with a very fast pace, and the famous rings won’t be there for eternity it will disappear someday.

How is this possible?

Most of part of the rings is constituted by icy water and UV light from outer sources strikes and charges the Icy particles which start moving helically along with magnetic field and finally attracted by the gravity. Saturn is pulling it’s ring with a fast rate which implies that they will disappear in nearly 300 million years.

Were they born with Saturn?

Scientists has always wondered that are Saturn’s rings as old as Saturn or are younger than it. Now they strongly believe that they are younger and they can’t have an age older than 100 million years. Also if the rings are temporary there are chances that we have missed the massive rings of Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune.

James O’Donoghue of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt said that We are lucky to be around to see Saturn’s ring system.”

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