कवांतम टेलीपोर्टेशन

BY Dhiraj Jha (Maithili) आजक विज्ञानक कालखंड मे विज्ञानक आविष्कारक सहायता सं इक्किसौ सताब्दी मेे मनुष्य आकाश और शिखर छु रहल छी। भूतकाल मे असंभव और काल्पनिक वर्तमंकालखंड मेे वास्तविकता में परितन भै चुकल अछी। विज्ञानक चमत्कार तथा उपलब्धि के मद्दयानाजार केल जाई त भविस्यकाल मेे गजब होतई। बिना पंख के उड़नई, पनिमे चलनई जेहनContinue reading “कवांतम टेलीपोर्टेशन”

Dwarf planets in the Solar system

We all know very well about planets but Dwarf planet is a newly adopted term since past one decade. First of all let’s see what are they? According to the definition adopted by IAU a dwarf planet is such celestial body which:- Which revolves around the Sun Which has sufficient mass to be rounded byContinue reading “Dwarf planets in the Solar system”

Most distant object discovered in our Solar System till date

A team of Astronomers has found a Pink Dwarf Planet which is most distant object discovered yet in our solar system. The object is named 2018 VG18 and nicknamed as “Farout”. Before the discovery of Farout, Eris was most distant object which was 96AU away. The newly discovered Farout is about 120AU away. AU :-Continue reading “Most distant object discovered in our Solar System till date”

Some amazing Stars in the Universe.

Whenever we gaze at the night sky, we see billions of tiny dots embedded in the sky. They look so pretty from this much distance but have you ever wondered that how weird are they? It’s going to be very interesting to know , what are they going through or have already gone through. HereContinue reading “Some amazing Stars in the Universe.”


It’s the first time the phenomenon has happened since 1982 The Super Blue Blood Moon is a very rare celestial phenomenon which we witnessed today, it’s actually a combination of three events Viz. Supermoon, Blue moon and total Lunar eclipse. Supermoon:- It is observed when moon is at the closest distance from the Earth. ItContinue reading “SUPER BLUE BLOOD MOON”

Mangalyan:India’s pride

IN BRIEF Mangalyan is a space probe which was launched on 5 November 2013 by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). ISRO has become the fourth space agency to reach Mars, after the Soviet space program, NASA, and the European Space Agency. It is the first Asian nation to reach Mars orbit, and the firstContinue reading “Mangalyan:India’s pride”