कवांतम टेलीपोर्टेशन

BY Dhiraj Jha (Maithili) आजक विज्ञानक कालखंड मे विज्ञानक आविष्कारक सहायता सं इक्किसौ सताब्दी मेे मनुष्य आकाश और शिखर छु रहल छी। भूतकाल मे असंभव और काल्पनिक वर्तमंकालखंड मेे वास्तविकता में परितन भै चुकल अछी। विज्ञानक चमत्कार तथा उपलब्धि के मद्दयानाजार केल जाई त भविस्यकाल मेे गजब होतई। बिना पंख के उड़नई, पनिमे चलनई जेहनContinue reading “कवांतम टेलीपोर्टेशन”

Most distant object discovered in our Solar System till date

A team of Astronomers has found a Pink Dwarf Planet which is most distant object discovered yet in our solar system. The object is named 2018 VG18 and nicknamed as “Farout”. Before the discovery of Farout, Eris was most distant object which was 96AU away. The newly discovered Farout is about 120AU away. AU :-Continue reading “Most distant object discovered in our Solar System till date”

Some amazing Stars in the Universe.

Whenever we gaze at the night sky, we see billions of tiny dots embedded in the sky. They look so pretty from this much distance but have you ever wondered that how weird are they? It’s going to be very interesting to know , what are they going through or have already gone through. HereContinue reading “Some amazing Stars in the Universe.”

The Star That Got Eaten By A Blackhole

On March 28, 2011, Scientists recieved a huge amount of X-rays and γ-rays from a previously quite part of the universe. The rays were coming from centre of a small galaxy in Darco constellation about 3.9 billion light years away and were moving with speed very close to the speed of light (nearly 99.5% theContinue reading “The Star That Got Eaten By A Blackhole”